Doodle Thursday: Going through BrainDoodles’ lessons

Jason John Wells told me about in a comment on my Google Helpouts update (it’s funny how these interests cross), so I checked it out. It’s a site with basic sketchnoting tutorials geared towards high school students, but apparently it gets the five-year-old kid seal of approval too. And this thirty-year-old! =)

Here’s what I drew while listening to the first two lessons:

2013-11-29 BrainDoodles lesson 1 and 2

Intimidated by the idea of drawing? Thomas Michaud breaks it down into building blocks and shows some easy-to-follow examples. I love the sketchy feel of the website, and will probably work on incorporating even more hand-drawn elements into mine.

Check out!

  • Good job! Cool to see his examples merged into a singe page sketchnote. His video/PDF worksheet combo is a model to consider for asyncronous learning :)

    • Yes, it’s definitely something I’m going to draw on for inspiration. ;)

  • Thomas Michaud

    Sacha, just happened to come across your blog and really glad to see you’re finding braindoodles to be useful. This is something I put together for my MFA thesis project a few years ago and have yet to get back and re-work the website. Looking forward to reading more about your experience!! PS. Thanks to Jason Wells for directing you to the website (didn’t know I still had a the beta subdomain active!!) :)

    • Thanks for sharing it! =) Looking forward to more of your work.