Miscellaneous memories

Because these don’t quite fit in their own blog posts, but I want to stash them in my blog anyway.

2015-02-04 Yay, passport -- index card #canada #travel #paperwork

2015-02-04 Yay, passport – index card #canada #travel #paperwork

I got my Canadian passport, yay! I’m still not particularly keen on travel, but this will make it loads easier when I do. Fewer visas to apply for, fewer paperwork hassles… Hooray!

2015-01-30 Sunlight in a cafe -- index card #cafe #light

2015-01-30 Sunlight in a cafe – index card #cafe #light

Our kitchen is the room with the most sunlight in our house, so I spend most of my time in it. But it faces west, so it doesn’t get as much sun as a south-facing room would. (Life in the northern hemisphere: I’m still getting the hang of all the little details!)

The other week, I went to a cafe to help someone with Emacs. So much sunlight! Wonderful. I felt like a cat.

2015-01-27 Field's metal -- index card #hacklab

2015-01-27 Field’s metal – index card #hacklab

Eric brought some Field’s metal to Hacklab. It’s a metal that melts at a temperature below that of hot water. We cast tiny robots in a chocolate mold. =)

2015-01-31 Clearing my fabric stash -- index card #tidying #decluttering

2015-01-31 Clearing my fabric stash – index card #tidying #decluttering

Decluttering the basement, letting go of just-in-case fabric and planned projects I hadn’t touched in years. I might take up sewing again, but I’ll be more careful about fabric and pattern purchases.

Hmm, maybe I should include little memories in my weekly review. That makes sense. I’ll do that going forward!

  • Have you read Marie Kondo’s book on decluttering? We are working on this, too. Good to throw things out in your home *and* in your mind!


    • I’ve read about it, but I haven’t read it – there’s quite a waiting list for it at the library! =) I love the principle of keeping only the things that spark joy. Actually, I tend to err on the side of ruthlessness when it comes to simplifying my stuff, and on the side of procrastination when it comes to acquiring things. W- will attest to the ease with which I set aside things for donation, and I’ve let go of lots of books, clothes, gifts, and other things. In fact, I think I might improve by being a little more like him – he keeps quality stuff around for years and takes good care of it, even if it’s infrequently used, and sometimes these things turn out to be surprisingly handy.

      (Also, from what I’ve seen of Kondo’s book: such prettily organized drawers! Something to experiment with.)

      Stuff in my mind, now, there’s an interesting challenge. I’m mostly good at hanging on to just what gives me joy and at letting go instead of feeling guilty about incomplete things, but there’s room for improvement. =) Possibly tied in with what I’ve been thinking and learning about Zettelkasten and other systems for managing small chunks of info. I think my ideal mental organization (which combines stuff in my head, in my files, on my blog, and in other digital archives) would result in the feelings of “Ah, here’s where that fits and how it relates to other things. Let me pull out this chunk so that I can work with it more, and then I can put it away neatly.” Hmm…