Weekly review: Week ending February 13, 2015

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This week was about trying to get the hang of shopping. I find shopping to be a frustrating process, but I think that's something I can tweak about myself. We were scrambling to get everything in order for a formal-ish dinner at a banquet hall with extended family. My office attire (slacks, a blazer, and a dress shirt) worked fine, but the exercise prompted me to think about my wardrobe and choosing clothes more deliberately.

My work laptop crashed, so that took a bite out of my productivity. I'll check next week to see if they've gotten it sorted out. I used a loaner laptop to get a few more things done, but it would be good to set everything up properly again.

This coming week: hosting an Emacs Hangout, baking for the Repair Cafe to be held at Hacklab, attending a Sketchnote Hangout, and going to a networking event. Lots of talking to people, so I'll try to have lots of quiet time as well.


Blog posts


Link round-up

Focus areas and time review

  • Business (33.2h – 19%)
    • Earn (10.7h – 32% of Business)
      • Earn: E1: 1-2 days of consulting
    • Build (18.7h – 56% of Business)
      • Drawing (12.9h)
      • Delegation (0.1h)
      • Packaging (0.2h)
      • Paperwork (0.8h)
    • Connect (3.8h – 11% of Business)
    • Revisit Google login thing
    • Quantified Awesome: Fix Google login again
  • Relationships (6.6h – 3%)
    • Have lunch with Gabriel
    • Call my mom and wish her happy birthday
    • Check on @mattl's upcoming visit to Toronto
    • Book haircut
    • Try online shopping
    • Help W- with ntp
  • Discretionary – Productive (23.7h – 14%)
    • Emacs (15.0h – 8% of all)
      • Figure out a neat way to backdate Org clock entries consistently
      • Fix Emacs init errors
      • Refine Emacs code for working with questions
      • Explore Hydra
      • Make something that automatically cross-references sketches with blog posts
      • Make dired action for processing marked files
      • Create Emacs conference thing
      • Help Sean with Emacs
      • Chat with Yi about Emacs
      • Set up my Vagrant to send mail through Gmail
      • Try to get Gnus to send mail again on Windows
      • Try out org-gcal
    • Review Zettelkasten research
    • Scan my sewing pattern catalog
    • Consider pants
    • Upload to Gumroad
    • Read chapter 3 of Intermediate Japanese
    • Make cover for Createspace
    • Upload to Createspace
    • Start git directory for drafts
    • Writing (5.9h)
  • Discretionary – Play (7.1h – 4%)
  • Personal routines (21.0h – 12%)
  • Unpaid work (20.6h – 12%)
  • Sleep (55.8h – 33% – average of 8.0 per day)

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