2016-05-02 Emacs News

Links from reddit.com/r/emacs, /r/orgmode, Hacker News, planet.emacsen.org, Youtube, the changes to the Emacs NEWS file, and emacs-devel.

Past Emacs News round-ups

  • Bill

    Hi Sacha. I am relatively new to emacs and org-mode but just wanted to formally say how grateful I am for all that you have added to this community over the many years you’ve been doing this. I’ve watched most of your emacs chats, have read some of your blog articles (so many to get through) and appreciate scanning the Emacs News, much of which is still too advanced for me. The legacy of your work is still relevant today and I just wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad you find my past blog posts useful, even though I sometimes worry that the code is out of date or mistaken. Comment if you find a problem, and we might be able to fix things up!

      The Emacs community is such a wonderful one. I haven’t had much time for Emacs tweaking or coding lately, but I’m glad to have these little ways to keep in touch. Org Mode is awesome at helping me deal with the cognitive effects of newborn-induced sleep disruption and constant interruption. ;) I look forward to being able to play around with more cool stuff through the years ahead. In the meantime, enjoy. =) I hope you’ll consider blogging what you’re learning, too – it would be great to add more voices to the community!