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Sketches: Do these look like cats to you? =)

This was also fun to make. =)

Luke looking up

Luke looking up

Kitty TV

Peanuts sprinkled outside glass door + squirrels + cats = fun for everyone

Relationship between affection expressed by cat and person

It occurred to me that this may be a more accurate representation of the relationship between the levels of affection expressed by cats and humans:

cross-over point at kitty on lap

Diminishing returns on cat affection

Cat influence on happiness as a function of proximity, with maximum value at 'on lap' configuration

Click on the image to view a larger version.

Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

Attempts to provide Luke with other heated surfaces (heated cat bed, a radiator, my lap, etc.) have proved ineffective.