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Relationship between affection expressed by cat and person

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It occurred to me that this may be a more accurate representation of the relationship between the levels of affection expressed by cats and humans:

cross-over point at kitty on lap

Diminishing returns on cat affection

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Cat influence on happiness as a function of proximity, with maximum value at 'on lap' configuration

Click on the image to view a larger version.

Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

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Why my cat loves sleeping on my Esc key

Attempts to provide Luke with other heated surfaces (heated cat bed, a radiator, my lap, etc.) have proved ineffective.

Sleeping Cats

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Being a geek means you can let sleeping cats lie.

Thanks to W- for being so awesome!

Happiness and cats

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Tania Samsonova sent me a link to this geeky-and-oh-so-true comic: Schrödinger’s (emotional) Miscalculation – Part 3.

Tania, you rock! =D

Cat scratching post

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Last weekend was a weekend of making things. W-, J- and I built a scratching post for Leia, our cat. We took a 4×4 and wrapped it with sisal rope, sprinkling catnip between the coils. Leia loved it. She climbed up the 3-foot post easily, and we often found her precariously perched on the 4×4 end on top of it, all four paws crammed together.

So W- built an extension on top of the scratching post, screwing a short, flat piece of wood on top of the post end and covering the platform with a scrap of carpet.

Leia’s so spoiled. =)

Cat’s doing better; school barbecue

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I didn’t feel well this morning either, so I stayed home with the cat. W- took care of both of us. I felt much better after a painkiller, so it turned out to be a pretty productive at-home day.

The cat bravely snarfed down her medicated food and then sniffled through the day, coming up to us for cuddles and spending the rest of the time watching squirrels and birds from her bed near the window. She used her litter box today – hooray!

We also attended the school barbecue and curriculum night. I asked the teacher what Grade 5 students typically found challenging, and how we might be able to help. He suggested checking out the Math textbook’s companion website, asking her questions about reading and writing, and looking for ways to make far-off concepts like ancient Greece be more vivid. =) Time to build a model of the Parthenon!