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The Ruby on Rails web programming framework is just plain amazing. I
added maps to my search prototype. The code was really simple! I’m
almost a week and a half ahead of schedule on the interactive
prototype. I’ll focus on the backend for the rest of the week so that
I can run that performance study…

Very happy girl.

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What was I thinking?

Why on earth was I feeling frustrated with my thesis? One day on the
IBM intranet, and I’m full of energy and raring to go. I can’t wait to
prototype that search engine, and I can’t wait to see all these Web
2.0 concepts in action. I love being around such awesome people, and I
can’t wait to figure out how to make this my day job!

I have to move fast, because the swell is building and I want to
catch the wave…

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Day 1

My thesis is getting off the ground. Yay!

I’ve *so* much to catch up on. I don’t have to make up my own
exercises to learn more about sales and marketing. Right now my
instincts are telling me to catch up on Enterprise 2.0 (*so* much has
been going on!); to live, breathe and eat it, and to write as much as
I can.

Now is no time to rest. =) Let’s rock.

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Problems are easy to solve once identified

I felt frustrated by my continued lack of a good working environment.
Unreliable wireless access means that working online is a pain. I
can’t even fetch my mail because a large message is blocking the rest
of the downloads. Every time I try deleting the message, my network
connection times out.

I want to work on my thesis. I want to feel like I’m making progress.
I want to spend time with my family and friends, too, but I can’t
enjoy that as much if I don’t feel that I’m doing well. I’d like to be
able to focus on what I need to do, and then look forward to spending
time with them when we’re all ready to enjoy spending time together.

I talked to my dad. He listened to my frustrations and set about
solving whatever he could. They’re tracking an Ethernet cable to my
room. I will probably be based here more than Alabang because I need
to work, and I need to be able to choose what to do. This morning’s
traffic was frustrating. The Alabang house is not a bad house, but I’d
rather be downtown.

So we’ll see. I think I’ll postpone all of my hanging out until next
week. I *really* need to set up for work first. If I don’t have that,
it’s harder for me to hang on to being happy and to resist other

My first problem: unreliable Internet access. The Internet is slow for
everyone because the ISP still hasn’t fully recovered from the
earthquake, but this is aggravated by low wireless link quality. We’re
fixing that. Solved the wireless part by running a cable into my room
(hooray fake ceilings!). DSL is still down, but at least I don’t have
to worry about wireless link quality, and I can stay in an
airconditioned room.

Will plan on my secret research plan page.

Random Emacs symbol: apropos-print – Function: Output result of apropos searching into buffer `*Apropos*’.

Argh. Schedule slippage.

I can’t get into IBM’s VPN, which makes it difficult to work on the
prototype, so my schedule will have to slip. I don’t want to
recalculate all the dates. And it’s annoying, still not being *sure*
what I’m doing or why I’m doing it…