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Checking remember with timestamp (Thu Sep 12:18 2002,2002.09.12)

Hey, I think this actually works.

(Thu Sep 12:01 2002, 2002.09.12)

Some confusion about when Roosevelt died. See, it would be so nice to
have Google..

(Thu Sep 12:57 2002, 2002.09.12)

I realize that my system is still mostly unusable. tmm-menu speaks ==>

Fri Sep 13:48 2002

get a wish list of hardware – charmit
thinkgeek com

thin client, using the xscale chip automatic media transfer automatic networ configueration bluetooth or wireless or GPRS
US Army

problem with gprs connectivity. We can probably use thatnew toshica pda dongle with vvga and usb and bluetooth.

can it do master

team of looking for what’s cool

remind roomel o send me a copy of the proposal
enumerated the derscription. abstract. equipment and timeline
present something grand
mobile multimedia disabled first, lots of funding
two or three projets, possible projects.

send something by tuesy.
intel is keen n doing this

Fri Sep 13:58 2002

decode-time is a built-in function.
(decode-time &optional SPECIFIED-TIME)

Fri Sep 13:21 2002

Not fully formed
Existentialism: no “nature” but we have history. The moment we are born, we cannot say that that is us. That we are fixed. We begin creating the history that will become our history.