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I currently don’t accept advertising, press releases, and other commercial material for my blog. Because this is a personal blog, I rarely accept guest posts (especially not generic ones). If you have something you think really fits my interests, send it to me, explain why it’s a great fit, and we might talk about it. Better yet, post it somewhere else and send me a link.

You can e-mail me at [email protected]. I tend to respond to e-mail weekly. Well, actually, more like once a month these days…

Possible topics of mutual interest

Some of the less-common things I do are:

I’ve made a commitment to openness and scale. This means:

  • If we have a video or audio interview, I’d like to post the recording on my YouTube channel and the resources on my blog. If you’re okay with it, I’d love to open up the interview or presentation to a live audience as well. I can set up and facilitate a Google Hangout on Air.
  • If we conduct the interview by e-mail, I’ll also post the results on my blog.
  • I’ll share any resources I create under the Creative Commons Attribution license. You retain the copyright to anything substantially created by you, and we can negotiate if things are mixed.
  • If you prefer to be unattributed, I can anonymize the names. If you are open to being linked to, I’ll include a link at my discretion.

If your audience is part of an exclusive membership site or you’re interviewing me for something commercial, that’s all right, as long as my part is freely available (at least on my side). You’re welcome to offer that part as a free preview on your side, which may be a good way to market the rest of your paid content. If you charge a fee for access to your content or have sponsors, please disclose that in your request. We can work out suitable arrangements.

  • Nathaniel Lipkus

    Love the sketchnote of our IP lecture last week! You are super-talented, and your artwork is totally copyrightable … :)

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  • Raghav

    hi, I have been following your sketch from long time,just wanted to say Thank you your work had helped me alot in all aspects of life,you know if you translate your name in hindi(Indian Language) it means (true mouse) :) keep the good work going,Knowledge is Power.

  • MJ

    Hi. Check out, Srinivas Rao. You might like his interview style. Great guests and he creates more content than anyone I’ve ever met.

  • JiEun Lee

    Hello Sacha. First of all, I would like to say huge thank you for everything you have done so far! I recently learned about your blog and sketchnoting. Since then, I have been searching frantically apps, stylus, and other techniques to practice and develop my sketchnote taking and visual recording skills. I currently own Asus 10.1 tablet (1.5 years old). I recently tried out Artflow free version app with standard stylus (not fine tip) and noticed it did skipping (not drawing a smooth line) quite significantly. I wonder if it’s because my skills are still not equipped, because it’s free version, or because my stylus is not thin enough or my tablet itself is too slow.. I want to ask what your opinion is about that. I’m more towards to either my lack of skill but want to know if there is anything I can do to correct that.

    Thank you so much for your great work!

    • It’s great that you’re playing around with that! Yeah, responsiveness is a big deal. I ended up giving up on my Asus Transformer tablet because it was just not as smooth as I wanted. The pro version is probably not going to be more optimized than the free one you have; it likely just has additional brushes or features. I’ve heard lots of people be happy about drawing on iPads, but that’s yet more hardware to try out! Maybe paper for now?

      I use a Lenovo X200 tablet PC because that gives me the smoothest experience (with the slight annoyance that Windows 8.1 means I can’t disable touch, so my palm occasionally messes up the drawing; I miss Windows 7). It’s a bigger machine than most people are looking for, though.

      • JiEun Lee

        Thank you very much for such a quick reply! I should have invested more money when I first looking for a tablet to buy, but iPad is such a wonderful device, still to me it is too expensive.. (That’s why I chose Asus 10.1 memopad at first place and it was on sale). For now, I should practice more on paper until I have sufficient money to indulge another gadget. Thank you so much your reply. I hope you keep in touch with you.

  • P Stark

    Hi Sacha. I was going through your emacs config file to get started and it turns out the link to the “Emacs-Starter-Kit” is dead now. It can still be found on

    Here you go:

  • Marica Odagaki

    The link titled “Making the most of my introversion” results in a 404. I’d love to read your writings on that topic.

  • Annette Bater

    Hi Sacha. I tried reaching out to you via email but not sure if I got lost in a backlog of emails. Any chance we can have a quick chat about SAP Young Thinkers and your quantified self work?

  • Ed Warmus

    Hi Sacha, I found some of your stick art figures online and would like to use six of them for a chart presentation. Attached is the chart. Please?

  • Umut Çakır

    Hi Sacha, i am new in emacs and amazed and loved org-mode. But not Mobile-org. What do you think about Mobileorg or using org-mode in android?

  • Najib Amhali

    Nice blog. I enjoyed a lot of reading from it. Got it from Any chance to feature the collection of popular Emacs package on

    • Neat! That’s a great idea. =)

  • William Manire

    You have so much material on org mode that I have no idea where to start! I want to give org mode a serious try this year and I’m wondering how you might suggest that I go about consuming all of your org articles. Is there a particular reading order you would recommend?

  • Sanjeev Kumar Verma

    Inspired from your blog, I have started my blog:

  • Nastya Stayku

    Hi Sacha! Inspired’ from your stoic sketchnotes which make up an Action- Plan with specific terms and responsabilities that goes through one’s whole life, I’m writing to you on behalf of the SNK Association in Bucharest, Romania. Our projects regard mainly popularizing the stoic philosophy and the stoic way of life here in Romania. For that we have two main activities. The first on is the Seneca Publishing House (, that addresses mostly young people, so our books come with specially made graphic illustrations realized by students from the National Arts University. Inspired by Seneca’s texts they have brought to life the philosopher’s words with images to represent the core of their knowledge.
    Our other running project is the Seneca Anticafe, a place with multiple resources (a 5000 book multilingual library, bookshop, working desks, a place for seminars and conferences and so on, there is a link bellow) We organize lectures, eco-living trainings, screenings and other activities.
    By its status, the Association is a Not For Profit Organization, all revenue goes back into funding additional translations, publishing, and so on.
    The reason why I am writing is you “stoic graphic translations” and would very much like to be able to translate it in Romanian and make it available here in a printed version. So we kindly ask for the rights to the texts, should you be kind enough to answer our request.

    Thank you!

    Anastasia Stayku.

  • Soyoung Cho

    Hi Sacha~!! I’m so thankful to you to know your blog. I’m looking for a good guide to plan a day. Because I want to break through my lethargy and sleep disorder. I inspired from your blog and I’ve got desire to apply your idea some of my life. Thank you Sacha =)
    – SY

  • Nirag Patel

    Hi Sacha,

    i need your help to create function which can reschedule agenda line item to some relative date in future.

    castern created one such function to reschedule agenda line item from past date to today.

    (defun org-agenda-reschedule-to-today ()
    (flet ((org-read-date (&rest rest) (current-time)))
    (call-interactively ‘org-agenda-schedule)))

    how can i modify it to reschedule agenda items to today+4d

    • org-agenda-schedule takes a TIME argument as the second argument, and that argument can be something like “+4d”. So you could have a (my/org-agenda-reschedule-soon () (interactive) (org-agenda-schedule nil “+4d”)), I think.

      • Nirag Patel

        It worked, that was exactly what i needed,


  • Nesim Sisa

    Great resources for Emacs on this blog – I ll be sure to check out the others as well :)

  • Imker

    I surfed in to read about how you made your own transcription foot pedal. I’d like to see you write a macro that would let transcriptionists use the keyboard instead of a foot pedal (specifically the stop and start commands for playing the sound file.) This would allow someone to ride an exercise bike while they transcribe. Is is possible?

    • In Emacs, I used emms to play the sound file, and it was easy enough to bind keys to emms-pause and emms-seek-backward. Good luck!

  • Florian

    Hi Sasha, I’d like to purchase some things via Gumroad. But since you suggested to not use it for monetary compensation, I’d like to ask you for a different way to get some money for the ressources to you. Thank you very much in advance and thank you for sharing :)

  • Frédéric Vachon

    Hi Sacha! Thanks for this blog and your publications, what a great source of ideas and inspiration! I didn’t found your blog that way, but reading your texts on blogging inspired me to blog more, as I’ve tried so many times during the last years without success. The idea of writing anything you want, even if it’s just to use later as a personal archive is great in itself and I’m counting on it to stay motivated =) I’m questioning myself more right now on the language I should use to blog : I’m Canadian too, but from Quebec. As I want to write more about my personal experience with Emacs (first reason I found your blog), Linux and academia (As a cultural geographer working on LGBTQ issues), writing in English would surely help me get a broader audience but at the same time, I guess writing in french could help others french speakers learn about these subjects. Finishing your book on blogging left me with this interrogation and it will probably end into one or multiples blog posts. Thanks again for your inspiration, you can count me as a new follower and avid reader =)

    • That’s awesome! Blog away, and have fun! =)

  • Aisha Syed

    Hi Sacha! I have been really enjoying reading your blog posts! My name is Aisha and I am an intern working at the organization called Jane’s Walk. Jane’s Walks are free walking tours led by volunteers, on which people can tell stories about their communities, explore their cities, and connect with neighbors. We want to incorporate sketchnoting within our walks, so I wanted to know if you have any tips or guidance to capture great sketches or sketch notes on or from a walk? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Kimberley D’Adamo Green

    I came across your work while searching for a sketch notes class that I could take. Girl, you are AMAZING!!! I spend a lot of time thinking and understanding how artists think, and the way you think must be fascinating.

    I am an artist and teacher, developing what I think is a new way to teach art. In the middle of writing the second draft of a guide for teachers, I realize I need a coach or editor of some sort-one who thinks visually and understands cognition and how creative thinking develops. A rare constellation of gifts. I stumbled across you, and wondered if you ever do any coaching….?

    Either way, thank you for making your thinking so visible to everyone else who can learn from it. That is a rare kind of generosity.
    Kind Regards,

  • Timothy Shiu

    Hey Sacha, great emacs posts. I am searching for emacs (editor macros, of course) conference. But I just got a marketing conference…. Do you know any up coming conference?

  • alphor

    Thank you so much for the emacs interviews!

    • You’re welcome! I probably won’t be able to schedule more of those for a while, but if you’re so inclined, feel free to go ahead and do something like that if you want. (Or nudge dgopar to make more Emacs.el podcast episodes! )

  • Alex

    Hey Sacha,
    I am trying to transcribe stuff or speak to text but somehow I feel there must be sth better out there.
    Google somehow stops in the middle, even when I am at home and connected to the internet.
    transcribe is okish but also I feel that it suddenly stops in the middle.
    I feel like I am loosing my thought when I start rereading it. And if I dont I only see after the end that it doesnt make sense and that I dont even rmember what I wrote.
    The stuff I want to transcribe is me thinking out loud.

    Maybe I have to record it first and then transcribe it and skip the speech to text?

    You transcribe so much stuff so I wanted to ask what tools you use. Maybe you can help me out?

    That would be awesome.

    • Yeah, I’m still not too keen on live automated transcription. Things get lost or mistranscribed, and it’s mentally disruptive to try to fix those. You might be better off doing an audio recording of you thinking out loud, and then playing it back in case you thought of something brilliant that you want to write down. It may help to use an app that skips silences, or use a tool that removes those silences afterwards. Playing things back at 2x the speed can help you skip boring parts, too. I think there are apps that allow you to record with the ability to add bookmarks/highlights, so it’s easy to jump to specific sections in your recording.

  • Hello Sacha,
    I just linked to your awesome sketchnoting tips on my german page about sketchnoting:
    I like your style and all the other things in your blog! Keep up the great work!
    Maybe you can link to my page, too, for your german visitors. :-)

  • Hello Sacha,

    I wrote this post last year – Please share with the wider audience if you find it useful.

    • Would you consider posting it and other resources you make/come across to ? You might get a wider discussion there, and I check that regularly for links, too!

  • Brandon Blake

    I llve org-mode. I am just wrapping my head around it, but am starting to get a pretty good feel for it, and my init file is starting to get tweaked to create an environment that really works. I have a question about sparse trees, and having the results show up expanded. Right now, it shows the results of the search narrowed, and if i expand with S Tab, it removes the filter. Only issue i haven’t been able to readilly find. Can you help, or perhaps point me in the right direction? Your website is one of the best org-mod blogs around!

  • Angel

    hello Sacha, I came across your blog in my MBA study and became very interested in it. Would you mind sharing your 5-year experiment of semi-retirement? How did this idea come about and how did you find the journey so far? I’ve worked in universities and public sectors for more than 10 years, got a bit bored with corporate culture, and am now looking for a higher and freer horizon to develop my career. Many thanks for your sharing.

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    As still a newbie to Emacs, congrats on your excellent blog, always a goto place for learners and experts! Two questions:

    1) Do you recommend anaconda or Elpy as python environment for Emacs?
    2) Is it possible to have a similar interface using Python such as with Hydrogen Atom with interactive output of code in the document [See to see what I mean].
    3) I have Ely and Jedi at the moment installed in muy Emacs 24, but I don’t get the automatic formatting and autocompletion when writing Python code. Any advice?
    Thanks so much in advance and keep the good work up!