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I can move in after office hours

Yay! I don't have to worry about not being able to make it to office hours! I can move into the Graduate House in the evening!

That's a relief. Now I just need to get that darn visa and sort the rest of the stuff out...

E-Mail from Tara Bunting

コンピューター業界は景気がいい。 The computer industry is enjoying a boom.

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> Congratulations!
> Is there a good time for us to talk?
>> Hi Mark,
>> For your information. We will issue an admission offer to Sandra.
>> Please let us know if she is joining us in May, or in September.
>>> Hi Brenda, This is just to advise you that the A&P Committee has
>>> approved Sandra Chua's admission to the M.A.Sc. program.


E-Mail from Mark Chignell

イヌとは対照的に、ネコはごく最近になって飼いならされたものである。 In contrast to the dog, the cat has become domesticated only in recent times.

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Difficult choices

UToronto is offering me admission. An interesting startup is recruiting me. Choices are always difficult.

I would like to defer my U of T admission a few months—a sem at most—and try out the startup. Having my cake and eating it too. I'm excited about the opportunities. I want to learn about the business side of things. I want to see a startup try to get all the way to shipping a product. I'm looking forward to picking their brains. Lawrence and Luis have worked on other startups before, and they've been quite successful. I want to learn why. I also want to put together a little investment kitty I can use for myself in the future. I think the business experience will enrich my research work and make me even more valuable to the department.

I was going to post a long entry thinking through some other factors, but posting it as I had originally written it would be doing a grave disservice to my mother. Initially I was frustrated by her lack of enthusiasm and her skepticism (although not straight disapproval). Silly me, of course! Not only is my mom a very savvy business person who's just reminding me to do due diligence (and indeed I will e-mail the former companies of the guys heading the startup), but she's also my mom, and although she's not entirely keen on the idea of my being away, she knows it's a selfish feeling and won't let that stop me from going.

Conclusion: I have an ubercool mom who is handling all of these things far, far better than other moms can be expected to.

I really, really love her.

So I'll check this thing out. If the guys pass whatever tests I can think of _and_ the UToronto people say OK, then I'll sign up with them for a stint. If not, I'll head over to Canada so that I can get started right away and come home soon.

I lurv my mom.

1匹の猫を別とすれば家は空っぽだった。 The house was empty except for a cat.

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Hi Sacha,

I just talked to the grad office. They were waiting for me to give my approval, oops. :) An offer letter should be going out to you shortly.


Mark Chignell wants me there by mid-May!

We will have a watermelon party later. Yay yay yay yay yay!

E-Mail from Mark Chignell

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Mid-term plans

I am just about ready to go back to school. I don't want to teach yet and I definitely don't want to go into the industry. If I get accepted by UToronto, I will happily take up an HCI degree there. If I don't get accepted (waaah), then I'll resume my long-postponed MA Education (Information Technology Integration) and just have _fun_ studying.

I'm really, really, really looking forward to going back to school again.

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