Borging out — wearables

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Richi and my mom started bugging me about my journal. Here it is!

The CE guys came through with my battery power supply, so I have been walking around with my M1.

I am Borg. =D

I showed it to some CS teachers waiting outside the department. Everyone was, like, “Oh my God. This is sooo cool.”

People walk up to me and ask me what it is. I show them the display. They think it’s cool.

I like being able to read my mail or check my messages. I like being able to read my history notes or dash off a quick note. I like this.

No accidents yet. Good thing. I don’t read while crossing the street, and I can pay attention to the real world well enoguh.

I’ve also freaked out some of my students. I asked for someone’s ID number, pulled up my records, and started rattling off full name, contact info, project submissions…

Life is good.

Glossary: CE – Computer Engineering M1 – head-mounted display available from Borg – short for cyborg. Also term made popular by Star Trek, a television series.

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