Life is good — reflections ()

So… hmm. Life is good. =)

Let’s see.

My grandmother (father’s mother) died at the ripe old age of 92, 93,
or 94, depending on who you asked and when you asked. She was… quite
a character, to say the least. Learned more about my fascinating
family history, which apparently is more scandalous than I thought –
and that’s saying a fair bit.

Social activity’s been up as well. The experiment is proceeding quite
satisfactorily – I have actually managed to be sort-of out for some
six Saturdays in a row now, which is a major breakthrough for a
certified geek such as myself. ;) I got somewhat claustrophobic,
however, as this Saturday involved a gazillion relatives packed into a
small room…

On the plus side, several friends dropped by. =) That was really nice.

Updates for the New Year. Oh, right, last New Year I got dragged off
to Daet and Legaspi for a vacation. It was actually pretty okay, once
I’d gotten over the shock of having a completely unplanned vacation
(we had to buy clothes one day at a time!). It took me a while to get
over that shock, though. I was, like, “I want to be home!”

I did sort of learn how to… Well, not surf. More like hang on
blindly to a board while desperately trying to keep my balance.

Love life still non-existent – Mom, am I even allowed to have a love
life before I get a PhD? – but friendships looking up. =) You
know who you are. Suffice to say that I feel really, really
lucky to have such friends.

And I have a grand total of 22 pages – 10 on Plato, 12 on Aristotle –
to write before Monday next week or I will get royally chewed out by
one of our most temperamental teachers. Rumor has it that he doesn’t
read papers all that closely, but still. So I will be pretty much
invisible for the next few whatevers.

More stories to tell, but not enough time – I promised to sleep early
tonight (if 11 can be called early), and the dark shadows underneath
my eyes have started to get really noticeable.

Life is good.