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Okay, before I go to sleep, I need to dump all these graduation
stories somewhere. =) Let’s try chronological order or so.

I managed to get to school in time for the Baccalaureate Mass (had to
be there by 7:00). My mom stayed for the Mass. Uneventful.

Felt mildly sick during the day due to certain things I will not
mention here. Remembered I had an emergency heat pack at home. Asked
Papa to bring it, but didn’t get to meet him until after graduation.

Then we had our graduation rehearsal. We’re the second-to-the-last
school, and we ran out of time so we didn’t get to practice walking
around and bowing.

Met my mom. Had solo picture taken. Turned out Mom knows the photographer.

Had lunch at Pancake House. Some sort of mixup – they
thought our graduation wasn’t until tomorrow, and were rather

Hung out at the CS department after lunch. Looking forward to being
one of the faculty. Lots of fun stories.

Volunteered to check Doc Mana’s papers.

Went back to the Ateneo High School grounds.

Assembled, marched, graduated.

After ceremony, ran into Dr. Sarmenta. Nice toga! I definitely want to
go to ;) Talked to him for a moment, then dashed
off to find my parents.

Found my parents.

Dashed off to return my toga. (Have to return on same day, or pay a PHP 100 fine for every day late).

On way in, talked to and got hugged by Fr. Nebres. He’s our university president. Cool person.

Found Dr. Sarmenta again. Led him to my parents. Had quick chat. He
understands my parents’ concerns and will try his best to get me
on-campus housing.

Went to Aresi for dinner. Met Kathy and John.

Food wasn’t so nice. Scratch Aresi off list.

Received interesting keychain-pen from my mom. Pen actually comes with instructions.

Got funny card from my parents. =D

Got texted by practically all the friends in my phonebook.


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