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Richi Plana also wrote:

I’m thinking of starting my own blog. I intend to create a system which will act as my organizer, contacts list, diary/journal/blog and infobase. I intend to write it from scratch (as opposed to adopting an existing project). I advocate code re-use just as much as the next guy, but there are just some things which you want to do yourself (and no, it’s not the NIH mentality).

The backend will be filesystem-based and I intend to use XML. I’m trying to decide whether to write things in PHP or Python. I’m leaning more towards PHP but Python’s cool, too. I’ll probably write it in PHP and I’ve printed out all the PHP docs for XML handling.

I mentioned to you a long time ago how I wanted to move my web photo album to a system with free-form output, right? Well, I was able to get one step closer a few months back when I wrote the function to resize images and I started that in PHP. May as well build from that.

Hmmmmmmmm. <looks at Emacs>

– Organizer? Check. (planner)
– Contacts? Check. (bbdb)
– Diary/journal/blog? Check. (planner + emacs-wiki)
– Infobase? Check. (planner + remember)
– Filesystem-based? Check. (text files)
– XML? Hmmm, maybe I can write an export function.


Emacs is the Way. ;)

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