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Richi Plana wrote in with this:

I just thought I’d share this with you, as well. I’ve always like Mozilla and Galeon was even better for being lighter. I recently tried Epiphany and it was like all my request wishes for Galeon had been granted. It allows me to edit the toolbar and one can enter search engine queries on the same textentry widget as the location box. They also have a neater (in my opinion) bookmarking system (which I intend to use as the backend for my URL database for my proposed blog system). With the advent of mozilla 1.4a, we now have smooth-scrolling and this allows me to easilly keep track of my place in a page when I scroll down.

Debian users can apt-get install epiphany-browser.

Incidentally, Mozilla and Galeon let you search from the location box too… =)

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