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;; The following functions to insert info-links into a buffer were originaly
;; posted on gnu.emacs.gnus by Reiner Steib, August 2003.
;; Message-ID: 

(defvar jk/info-goto-node-string "info" ; "Info-goto-node"
  ;; Stefan Monnier suggested to use `info' instead of `Info-goto-node', but
  ;; this doesn't work for XEmacs.  OTOH, Reiner says he submitted a patch for
  ;; XEmacs, so "info" should be okay.
  "Command string to insert with `jk/insert-current-info-node'")

(defun jk/current-info-node (&optional arg)
  "Insert reference to current Info node in buffer.

If ARG is...
- nil:	Insert `\(info \"\(file\)node\"\)'.
- 4 (\\[universal-argument]):	Add a note about `C-x C-e', too.
- 16 (2 \\[universal-argument]'s):	Insert `'
- the symbol `string':	Only return the string, don't insert.

In emacs-lisp-mode a custom link is inserted."
  (interactive "p")
  (let ((what
	  ((eq major-mode 'emacs-lisp-mode)
	  ((numberp arg)
	    ((= arg 4) 'gnus-url)
	    ((= arg (* 4 4)) 'info-press)
	    (t 'info)))
	  ((eq arg 'string)
	  (t 'info)))
	(buffer (buffer-name))
	(ret ""))
    ;; The next lines are borrowed from Karl Pflaesterer's code in
    ;; .
    (set-buffer "*info*")
    (let* ((node Info-current-node)
	   (nodeurl (jk/replace-in-string node " " "+"))
	   (file Info-current-file)
	   (fileurl (file-name-nondirectory file))
	   (fileurl (jk/replace-in-string fileurl "\\.gz$" ""))
	   (fileurl (jk/replace-in-string fileurl "\\.info$" "")))
      (set-buffer buffer)
      (setq ret
	     ((eq what 'lisp)
	      (insert ":link '(custom-manual \"(" fileurl ")" node "\")")
	     ((eq what 'gnus-url)
	      (concat ""))
	     (t ;; (or (eq what 'info) (eq what 'info-press))
	      (concat "(" jk/info-goto-node-string
		      " \"(" fileurl ")" node "\")"
		      (if (eq what 'info-press)
			  "; <== Press C-x C-e here!"
      (if (or (eq what 'string) (eq what 'lisp))
	(insert ret)))))

(defun jk/boxquote-info ()
  "Boxquote current yank-buffer and put current info node in title"
  (boxquote-title (jk/current-info-node 'string)))
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