Notes on rest and recreation

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Instead of breathlessly enumerating all the different things we saw
today, let me tell you a story from our rest and recreation.

After our light morning snack, Gus told us about an “infinity pool”,
or a pool with invisible borders that seemed to make it part of the
sea view. Gus, Charlie (was it Charlie?), Dr. Tejido and I decided to
go to the club house to check out the pool before lunch. They offered
to send the vehicle. We thought the walk might help us develop a
healthy appetite in time for lunch, so we confidently headed in the
direction of the main entrance.

The uphill climb worried Dr. Tejido, though, and he returned to the
beach club after a short while. Gus, Charlie and I continued –
intrepid explorers setting out to check if the facilities were
suitable for the other faculty!

We made our way along Punta Fuego Avenue while chatting about the
beautiful houses we passed and speculating about the social sins
committed in order to accumulate such wealth. We even debated the
wisdom of having the R and R at such a ritzy place, as a lot of
teachers might decide to quit and join the industry seeing the fruits
of other people’s labors. They were somewhat puzzled that I hadn’t
gone into the industry, but I explained to them that I really enjoy
teaching and we commiserated our mutual pecuniary possibilities.

The walk was longer than we expected, although signs here and there
encouraged us to continue. We joked about having to reassess the
feasibility of our venture, but we continued walking – probably
because the conversation was fun and probably also because we’d gotten
that far already.

When we were halfway to the main entrance gate, Gus remembered that he
had maps of Punta Fuego. He brought out a copy and handed it to me. I
quickly scanned it and realized we were going in the wrong direction.
In fact, the club and the entrance gate were at opposite ends of the
complex. At first, the other two were incredulous, but I pointed it
out on the map and we resigned ourselves to the idea of walking back.
Oh, boy, how we ribbed Gus about getting lost! =)

We still managed to check out the main club before lunch, thanks to a
lift from another in our party. All said, the conversation was well
worth the walk.

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