Things to bring for resta nd recreation

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Personal effects such as swimsuits, towels, hats, toiletries,
medicine, golf clubs if you wish to play golf and tennis/squash
rackets/balls for tennis/squash enthusiasts

The following will be joining the R&R

Agustin Luis ECCE
Angeles Marilou ECCE
Asis Mike Theology
Billena Jared Biology
Cabral Noel Math
Cacha Lleuvy RL
Capuno Rex ECCE
Cardenas Karen ORP
Chainani Ed Chemistry
Chua Sandra Jean DISCS
Choa Vicky Fin and Actg
Corpuz Annie RL
Cueto Waldette RL
Dayrit Toby Dean, SSE
De la Cruz Alma Psych
Domingo Eurlyne Math
Garcia Wash CGO
Gonzales E-yes Educ.
Intal Miren VPLS
Guico Ma. Leonora Chem
Guidote Armand Chem
Guillermo Mida Math
Ibarra Vi Fin and Actg
Langas Mia CGO
Magcamit Lina CGO
Mendoza Lara English
Montejo Estela RL
Montiel Tina Psych
Moscaya Joemar Filipino
Olinares Paul Dominic Chem
Olpoc Bong DISCS
Orendain Margot English
Pangan Oliver CGO
Prado Renan Mod Lang
Porio Emma Socio-Anthro
Puente Alex English
Puente Detdet Psychology
Que Russel ECCE
Respeto Jerry Filipino
Rodriguez Guss Fac Dev
Rojas Nina Chemistry
Rosales Chita ADAA
Sabug Jun L and S
Samson Cristy RL
San Andres Rene ADSA
Santos Beni Dean, SOH
Sarmiento Jume Math
Sayaboc Mary Ann ECCE
Siojo Carla AVPLS
Tamino Annette Biology
Tanchoco Chito QMIT
Teh Lota Psychology
Valle Jovie CGO
Valera Nestor Chemistry
Veric Charlie English
Villanueva Matet unknows

Cross-reference: 2003.10.24#3

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