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Spent most of today working on the lab computers. The teacher’s
computer in F227 has Linux and assorted goodies now, but the students’
computers are proving a bit of a headache. Suspect the mouse.

Pleased to see Dominique had written
an article on school laboratory management blues. Prefer rsync-based
solutions over dd ones because of uncertain partition sizes. Should
check out if lab computers can netboot, or will just make bootdisks
that will repartition and rsync. (w00t.) Solution of X problem
optional, as can mirror Windows FAT32 partitions easily. apt-move also
very cool.

He says I should write it up. Soon, soon. Would very much like to
sneak Linux into the labs.

Am looking forward to meeting with PLmar (Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng
Marikina). They want help in improving their curriculum. Teacher
training, finding creative examples… challenge!

Maybe can get students to prepare learning materials like that study I
read recently…

Have plans for tomorrow. No projector, no computer, no problem! Will
do class-wide mind-map and sneak operating systems concepts into the
thing too. Looking forward to bouncing ideas off Jerome as recently
had chat with him about real-world relevance of operating systems.
Walking around, had brilliant-but-completely-obvious-to-everyone-else
insight that operating systems is not just about managing programs –
many of the principles can be applied to everyday life. Find self
specializing in drawing far-out but semi-plausible connections between
computer science and “real life.”

Have amazing amount of time. Don’t know where it came from. Perhaps
coming home to cook forces me away from distractions. Must continue if

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