Knowing one’s self

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Yesterday found us at the Greenbelt mall. Kathy wanted to watch
Buffalo Soldiers – she heard it was a comedy. My dad hadn’t watched
LOTR yet, but tickets were impossible to get, so we all settled for
Buffalo Soldiers instead.

Fifteen minutes into the film, I leaned over and asked my parents if
they minded me going off to Timezone or Powerbooks, as I’d probably
enjoy myself better there.

Got up and left.

After I met up with my family again, my father told me I’d made a good
choice. I told him I’d learned how to cut my losses and run. ;)

I guess that means I’m getting to know myself pretty well. I know what
movies I like and don’t like. I’m not afraid to miss out on a
surprisingly cool movie by walking out on it. I figured that if it was
_really_ good, then they wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Glad I followed my instincts.

Note to self: It would be really cool if I could rig up a weekly
script to scrape the movie titles from and
look up reviews in the Internet Movie Database. This script could run
every Wednesday – that’s when they change movies. If I brought my
computer along, then I could just flip it open, check the plot summary
and the ratings… Hmmm. Ideas, ideas.

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