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About my father

Perhaps he and I are more similar than we thought. I know I am cross
and irritable when my computer malfunctions, particularly when I need
it most, and profoundly grateful to those who help me restore it to a
working state. Yesterday it was my turn to rescue a computer, and at
no time have I been more grateful for the opportunity to be of help. I
saw my father’s face light up when the Vaio slept and woke at his
touch. I heard him laugh appreciatively as the Vaio chimed to indicate
an increase or decrease in volume. I felt the life flowing back into
him, the accustomed excitement returning to his voice. He lived,
loved, _was_ – and I was no longer afraid.

About passions

It is important to me to find a friend with similar dreams. I need
someone I can compete and cooperate with, someone who will help spur
me to heights of greatness. Hacking on Emacs is so much more fun when
I can tell stories about it – another reason why open source community
is so important to me. Trying to improve my teaching is easier when
there’s someone who’ll be ecstatic when I have great class days and
sympathetic when I wonder if we really make a difference.

I want international prominence, and by that I mean I want to
contribute to major projects and get to meet people who are really,
really into working with technology. I want to help people mix. I want
to promote technology. I want to promote _social_ technology,
technology that helps makes people’s lives better.

I thought about crossing fields and helping Eric out, but my heart’s
not really into graphics. I am, however, into funky devices, so am
exploring gesture-based Linux. wayv looks potentially useful, although
still a little raw. Last active development was 2001. Might go into
alternative input and output devices; close enough to my wearables

A little note about gadgets

I am not into gadgets for gadgets’ sake, and personally I find it hard
to understand why people are into the latest phones “just because”. I
don’t see technology as a way of separating myself from other people.
In fact, I prefer to see it as a way of connecting me to others. I
guess that’s why I prefer my unassuming headphones+audio getup to that
visually impressive but technologically aloof head-mounted display
that people like focusing on so much. With a HMD, other people focus
on technology. When technology disappears into the background, they
can focus on me – and I like that. ;) That’s why I take notes with my
computer under the table. My focus is on the other person, not on the

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