Awwww, he finally found out

 viking667 yesterday I was very impressed w/ sachac
 *** Your new nickname is sachAway
 he is a smart dude
 I didnt expect to see smart people from .ph
 I have to admit that.
 houd1ni: mrmm? What did he say?
 now I changed my mind.
 ah nothing in particular
 oh - she, sorry.
 general stuff.
 it's a he
 sachac isn't a he.
 are you sure ?
 I know her.
 houd1ni: remember how long I've been here for - since 1997
 dude viking667 we are nick arround here
 you cant be sure it's a she
 houd1ni: you think everyone who uses Linux and uses it WELL has to be a female?
 a male, that is
 houd1ni: as I said, I know sachac. I've been around long enough to correct that mistake.
 houd1ni: would you like to see a pic of her?
 syn-ack I guess yeah.
 houd1ni: lemme find it....
 syn-ack I'll take alook
 dude you cant convince me.
 you know they got tricked by a woman...
 and she became a Pope
 houdini, well, it came out, when she gave birth on easter, on the stairs of St. Peter in the vatican ;)
 Nico hehe see ? you cant be sure sachac is a female
 houd1ni: actually, we can be sure.
 houd1ni, as a matter of fact, after some time on IRC, you know whom you can trust, and whom not ...
 Several of the ops could theoretically have "met" her eyeball
 especially if you have met someone ... not saying that i have met sachac
 Nico alright !
 I'm conviced
 it's a she.
 I see girls on the page syn-ack pasted
 I can see nico too :)
 houd1ni: Ive not pasted a thing to that site yet...
 syn-ack ?
 Ive commented on the site, but I havent pasted,
 nico :)
 houd1ni: um, yes, thats nico, and?
 there is nothing i omit ... you just need to do what i am telling you
 syn-ack I'm excited.
 viking667 dont you have a picture ?
 houd1ni: I rely on previous piccies I've seen.
 viking667 do you have a picture of yourself ?
 She looked pretty good in her kit too.
 houd1ni: actually, no - not one that's on the computer.
 I haven't had my hand on a scanner that actually WORKS for a LONG time.
 viking667 I see.
 viking667 I've seen some really nice girls in that pictures
 like dreamd or somehting.
 I'm impressed.
 houd1ni: please do us a favor....shoot yourself.
 syn-ack aaa I tried. missed the target.
 too bad. :/
 syn-ack what is your problem ?
 houd1ni: you sound so abosulty AMAZED that a WOMAN can use they are sub par to a man...Its
 syn-ack you dont understand. I have absolutely nothing against women.
 heh heh heh - look out, houd1ni - they're after you 
 but... I didnt meet women that can use linux
 that's all
 houd1ni, my mother can use linux, and she's 64
 Hell!  My WIFE uses Linux!!!
 I discovered something new and I'm impressed
 what is wrong with that ?
 My old roomate used Liux just fine
 She's most certainly NOT a Computer geek.
 ( and she is a elementary school teacher, not that this is a problem really ;)
 and she was a girl.....
 Nico woman usually preffer windows-like OS's
 liux too
 or OS/2 you know
 The funny thing is - gI gave her a choice of Linux or Win98, she chose Linux.

Awwwwww, someone finally let the cat out of the bag… <mock pout>