The continuing saga

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 sachac: oh you got called "dude"? :)
 I think I called sachac a "dude" :)
 that was quite funny
 sachac: log?
 sachac: i just scroll back :P
 I'm still not convinced it's a she. :)
 * coke slaps houdini
 that works well today, reading houdini's mind ;)
 Nico haha
 don't offend ladies :P
 houdini, sachac owns you
 coke hold on here... a lady tricked some men and she became the Pope
 * sachac whistles innocently.
 chexsum nobody owns me.
 houdini: 1 0wnz j00. ;b
 sachac alright. prove it.
 words are only words... the facts matter/
 houdini: lots of facts on sachac on google
 facts have been presented
 houdini: I don't have to convince you. Your opinion doesn't really matter to me. =)
 sachac that's always a good and evasive excuse isnt it ?
 * coke thinks it is the best excuse not to care about what others think of you
 coke it's easy to write an article or something. you document yourself and write the paper.
 houdini: They say the best excuses are true ;)
 houdini: riiight... even when it is on other big sites?
 coke, but as well sometimes the best thing you can do
 coke big sites like... ?
 houdini: just google
 coke I will use google...
 houdini: Anyway, prove your opinion matters to me :)
 sorry chief...but I dont see any of those big sites.
 enlighten me.
 this is not a contest or anything.
 just my curiosity
 * coke thinks it is not worth wasting time on houdini
 houdini - you dont know what to look for
 chexsum sacha chua
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