Bot implants

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Freaked someone out with my data collection capabilities. ;)

  sachac: you know so much about me!
  shapr: Whoops. ;) EmacsChannelDemographics, plus #emacs
  shapr: I have notes on other people too.
 * sachac laughs.
  how did you know I'm both a Finnish and Swedish resident?
 * shapr is impressed.
  You must have a superior memory.
  shapr: BBDB. ;)
  shapr: I also know you've played around with IPv6...
  shapr: ... #symbian #widian #twisted @#emacs #haskell #orkut, last time
          I peeked...
 * sachac laughs.
  Data collection.  I can delete it from my BBDB if you
          want, but it's kinda cute knowing this trivia.
  I should learn how to use BBDB
  how do you know that? ;-)
 * shapr can guess
  no, I don't mind at all.
  It's nice to know someone outside my direct family is interested enough
         to record that info about me :-)
 * shapr feels ego swell
  last I remember (without BBDB) you were doing a graduate degree, is that
         still true?
  has the FSF lured you away from your secret tropical hideaway to the land
         of big money for open source coders?
 * shapr googles for sachac
  big brother data base
  shapr: Actually, this started from our conversation about Dvorak in
          #emacs (don't remember when, though) when we noticed the high proportion
          of Dvorak users among Emacs users.
  it's written in elisp
  Peacimowen: A contact manager for Emacs.
  you know emacs?
  I know of emacs
  Peacimowen: I've also used it to simulate bot-like behavior, though.
  shapr: I took a few units toward an MA Education after finishing my BS
          CS, but as CS Ed isn't really a research area here, I'm eyeing schools
          in Australia (very active in CS Ed conferences).
  sachac: have you seen my "I am not a koala" kinesis remapping?
  shapr: ERC hooked into BBDB, so when I /whois, it captures as much
          information as I can.
  remapping originally suggested by kensanata, he of much brain.
  I've never touched emacs.. I just know it exists.
  Peacimowen: it is very powerful
  shapr: As it can, that is. No, I haven't seen your kinesis
  Peacimowen: It's really cool.
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