Learning-centered syllabus

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(Nice page!)

I should expose my students to these questions. We’ve missed out on
them so far.

– How do we think in this discipline?
– How do we organize knowledge, add to the knowledge base, recognize and test new knowledge?
– What is our philosophical base?
– How do we approach questions of ethics?
– With what theoretical questions are we most concerned?

– How do we use knowledge in the discipline?
– How do we apply what we know?
– How do we recognize unmet needs?
– How does this discipline make the world a better place?
– With what other disciplines do we interact?

– What stimulates our enthusiasm?
– How do people in our discipline rejuvenate our interest or intellectual involvement?
– What are our greatest accomplishments and loftiest goals?
– What makes the discipline a worthwhile field of study?

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