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– Yay! I don’t have to do it. Rommel Feria is here to save the day!
– Extemia is a free VOIP thing. Skype is cool, too.

Welcome Remarks by Fred Torres

– Among present: Cynthia Mamon, TJ Javier, CIO Board

– This event, to my mind, is a first because of two reasons. One, this

is the first time that Sun Microsystems and Microsoft co-sponsored
an event together. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, two business rivals
working together toward a common good. It exemplifies true-blue

– Acknowledge the participation of your CIO board which has been

meeting regularly to put up this event.

– Of course, credit where credit is due. Sun: Ito Gruet(?). Microsoft:

“Most eligible bachelor in IT”, Mark Quiambot(?).

– The second reason is that this is the first time we are going to lay

our cards on the table relative to the two technologies. Much has
been said. What is the real score? The rationale behind this program
is not to push for a specific technology, but rather to put things
into the proper perspective so that CIOs can have an informed


– Research and development. The economic lifeblood of IT is research.

This is because of the demand for greater and more complex
capability and the fast evolution and change in the IT equation.
Given this, there are questions that have arisen, like are there
technology updates? are there patches available? will there be
after-sales support? I remember in DTI, we had to make the painful
decision of migrating to another platform because the platform we
chose as a standard did not have the after-sales support we

– Interoperability. The brave new world of government computing is all

about one-stop shop, any time anywhere access. Integration is a key
factor in developing mission-critical systems. One of the basic
criteria is that there should be cross-agency implication for a
[system]. eGovernment fund amounting to ~ PHP 4 B, there for the
taking, just come up with proposals.

– Security. Is one software really technologically inferior, or is it

just the law of averages?

– Contentious: cost. Is there really such a thing as a free thing on

the Internet? Are we just being taken for a free ride? Hopefully, in
this session, we can discuss this fully.

Announcement: Someone had a terrible accident. CIO board came out with
a resolution. 20T donated toward her medical bill. Also interested in
fundraising campaign.

Announcement: Next summit topic? Could be follow-through of last
session on Summit, or follow-through of whatever session, so feedback
is useful.

The rationale behind this session is to help the CIOs make decisions.
Macro perspective, not just the short-term effects but also the
long-term implications.

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