Day 1: Orientation

From 9:30 to 12:00, people from AOTS, METI and other organizations
talked about the course we are about to take. In the afternoon, we
took written tests. I forgot the hiragana for “sa”. How embarrassing!
I also forgot the kanji for “sakana” (fish), and the reading for the
character that means to stand up. Still, I finished the 100 kanji test
easily. I barely figured out three or four on the 200 kanji test,
though, so I’ll need to study a lot more.

Kondo-sama said that after this program, we might be able to pass the
level 2 or level 3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test. That would be
rather nice.

I’m in section K. The other two Filipinos are in section L. We’ll see
how things turn out tomorrow.