Another KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed !

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Dearest Sacha,

As Kathy would say, it was raining little animals yesterday.

Papa was on his way home from a meeting when he spotted a tiny but very wet
kitten on the road, I guess trying to cross the street to a drier place. He
got off his motorcycle to retrieve the kitten. He said he asked a barangay
tanod to take care of it but when he looked back, he saw that he was not
minding it at all. So he went back to get the kitten, brought it home, and
told Jeanna to get it dry and take care of it until it was strong enough to
leave. I guess the kitten thought it was indeed strong enough to leave, or
it did not know a good home when it saw one, because the next time Jeanna
looked, the kitten was gone.

But we’ll make sure Neko stays.

Love you always,

Dearest Sacha,

That wet little kitten didn’t run away after all. It hid under the sofa in
the big studio. Eric and Jeanna take turns in giving it milk. When I told
Eric that we all thought it had run away, he assured us that it won’t ever,
because here, it is safe, and it gets fed here while outside, it isn’t and
it doesn’t- reasons enough to stay. Papa, on the other hand, who rescued the
kitten and brought it home, has refused to give the kitten a name so that he
won’t get emotionally attached to it. We’ll see!

How are things with you?




I want pictures…

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