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For your info, the two Perla bars are real laundry SOAP –
not detergent. They would be less convenient to use- they don’t sud as
quickly – but they would be gentler on your clothes and your hands,
and on the environment as well. There was a time when Kathy was in
grade school when she campaigned against detergent – in powder or bar
form – so we switched back to Perla. Our labandera was not too happy
but maybe our rivers and seas were – if they could only speak.

Hey, cool. I guess that means I have to figure out where I left that
bar of soap. I think I left it in the laundry room by mistake. Chances
are it will still be there. I have another bar of soap, though. I also
need to figure out how to make sure what I’m using doesn’t have
bleach, as I anticipate having to buy laundry soap one of these

Haven’t even dipped into the money my parents have set aside, so I
guess I’m still okay. =)

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