04YIT8W General orientation countres: closing meeting

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Before we start, I’d like to mention some of the points. Today, we
have a number of people from the magazine publishing company called
Arc, providing both English and Japanese studies. They are here to
record your Japanese presentation for your studies.

Secondly, we would like to thank you very much for the attendance from
the host companies. Some of them will not be able to stay until the

This is a request for all the trainees. After the closing ceremony,
would you please remain in this room? There are a number of things we
would like to give to you.

From now on, we would like to start the 04YIT8W final presentation to
show your achievements. For the people from host companies, please
look at the schedule. As of 1 PM up until 4 PM, or a duration of three
hours, we would like to show the achievements of our trainees. First,
I would like to introduce all the attendants. I will be extremely
grateful if when I call the names of the person from the host company,
if they could stand up. … Thank you very much for the attendance
from the host companies. … more introductions …

Allow me to give you the outline of this YIT8W course. For the people
from the host companies, please look at the handout material with the
itinerary. The trainees, please look back over your past eight weeks.
Your eight weeks general orientation weeks is aimed to achieve a
smooth transfer from here at YKC to the OJ training to be received at
your host companies. During your stay, you were given the essential
training, including Japanese language as well as adaptability to
living in Japan and smooth learning for your training. We have
established your general orientation curriculums to provide you with
Japanese language training in the morning. In the afternoon, you had a
mix of lectures and company visits. For the lectures, we have invited
specialists as well as professors from different universities, and you
have been given the five lectures. A number of themes include Japanese
society from the viewpoint of foreigners, and the current status of
the Japanese IT industry, and the structure of the Japanese software
industry, and the exchange with … And project management carried out
by Japanese software companies. During these lectures, you have gotten
quite an indepth knowledge of the Japanese industry as well as the IT
industry. So far you have had two visits. The first visit was to a
company called Arc Information Technology. The second visit was to the
CEATEC exhibition. During these visits, you have acquired knowledge on
how these software companies manage their products. You have also
learned about advanced technology in the IT industry and how these are
applied in the curernt business. Every week, you went through a number
of projects. … Independent and autonomous way of acquiring studies.
… Your studies don’t only take place inside the classrooms, but also

(At this point, I decided to just keep abbreviated notes.)

228 hours so far in our training.

(Presentations. I have decided to just listen.)

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