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Good afternoon, I am Mr. Yamamoto. I myself have bought an electronic
dictionary. Before I bought, I asked the shopkeeper what would be
good. He recommended Casio, which is why I bought the one from Casio.
It is my regret, I should’ve listened to your presentation, then I
should’ve made up my mind. I have a plan to change to new mobile, so I
should listen to your recommendations. Your generial orientation
training started from end of August, and very soon, your OJT at host
company will take place. I believe that you are the future bridges to
make the interface between your country into the Japanese companies.
My last word to all of you is that I definitely hope you will have a
fruitful training session. We wish you great success and prosperity as
well as the people from your host companies. Do your best.

Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Usui. I myself already bought an
electronic dictionary. I must comment on your presentations. I’m very
amazed by the amount of improvement you have all made over eight
weeks. Selection of theme was also very good. The kind of electric
dictionary I bought is the Sharp PW9000. However, I didn’t make a
thorough survey like you did, because I bought it on instinct. Despite
the fact I bought it just on instinct, now I know my instinct was
correct. Obviously, your OJT is going to take place, so I must ask all
the people from the host companies to look after the trainees. I have
three things I’d like to mention to all of you trainees. The first
point is your technical training. You are here to receive your
technical training and you will be receiving that from the
specialists. The Japanese way of keeping time. As you know, the people
working in this industry tend to keep long hours, so I’d like you to
get used to it. I encourage you to build personal relationships while
you’re working here. I believe all of you future leaders will try to
make the initiative when you get back to your country. It is a good
opportunity for you to make contacts while you are here in Japan. The
third point is that I hope you have the opportunity to get acquainted
and receive lots of knowledge and information about Japan as well as
the Japanese culture. As you already know, there are many sightseeing
spots near the Tokyo area, including Kamakura as well as Hakone where
you can see Mount Fuji, Nikko. I hope you can visit these spots. I
hope you will learn to understand many good things about Japan and the
Japanese people. When you go back to your country, I hope you will act
like our PR man so that you can promote Japan and its people, and I
hope … (gah, buffer full).

Allow me to make a comment on behalf of all the attendants. So we are
kind of giving AOTS AOTS has been giving us many services to our
companies. I’m very honored to bbe here, invited to this meeting. I
heard your Japanese presentations today. I am amazed and surprised to
hear such good Japanese presentations. If I put myself into your
position just learning Vietnamese language for just eight weeks, I
could not make that fantastic achievement. If I recall when I was your
age, that was maybe about 30 years ago, we Japanese, we didn’t have
the opportunity to study abroad at that time. So looking from my point
of view, you have a great opportunity to study here in Japan, it’s
like a dream. So I must encourage all of you to study and continue to
study our Japanese language lessons which you have received from AOTS
as well as the culture and the technical learnings you will receive
from your company. And I hope that one day you will grow up to be a
person who can make a contribution not only to your country but also
to Japan, other Asian countries, and the world. On the way back home,
I will definitely purchase the dictionary manufactured by Sharp.

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