Training so far

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Software installation in a foreign language is difficult. The first
time around, I selected “repair” instead of “reinstall”. I realized my
mistake around fifteen minutes into the installation. The second time,
I used my laptop (yay!) to look up the kanji I didn’t know. It was
slow going, but at least I knew what was going on. I’m glad kanjipad

I’m waiting for my Windows 2000 installation to finish formatting the
hard disk. Our trainers don’t really speak English, so I’ve asked them
to e-mail us the design documents we need to study so that I can work
on translating the specs. Aris will read up on Delphi. I think that’ll
work out.

I also asked about cheap places to get bento boxes so that we don’t
have to eat at restaurants all the time. With a lunch allowance of 800
yen, all the restaurants are too expensive.

We have a week to learn how to read specifications, understand
Japanese software design, and write Java programs. I’m a bit worried
about software engineering, particularly if they want to use lectures.
I think we’d have an easier time with computer-mediated communication,
because then I have an instant record of everything said, and I can
look words up quickly.

Today’s commute was one and a half hours. Longer than I expected, but
apparently quite normal. We have monthly tickets, so we don’t have to
worry about transportation expenses unless we lose the ticket. I’ll
probably still spend a bit on transportation during weekends, as the
paid segment doesn’t give me access to a lot of tourist spots. Oh
well, that’s all right. =)

More stories soon.

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