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Yesterday was homesickness+first-day-jitters day, I guess. When I felt
it coming on, I blocked off the rest of the evening for complete

Mom was online, and she was really glad to know I had Internet access
in my room. She got pretty worried when she rang my phone and I didn’t
answer. I told her about leaving it in YKC. Whoops! Silly me. She had
a wonderful tea party with my godparents. I should take a video of me
drinking tea so I can join the next one virtually.

Dominique was missing for a good part of the evening. Apparently had
dinner with friends from Davao. Got to talk to him afterwards, though.

Now that I’ve gotten both homesickness and first-day jitters out of
the way, I feel much more prepared to handle the challenges I’ll
encounter during our training. Yay!

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