Open Source Developer Contest – Sponsored by IBM

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I am attempting to let some of the larger US-based Linux User Groups know
about a contest we are sponsoring. I am afraid our communications didn’t
get the word out very well. It awards the development of new applications
and the porting of existing applications to LinuxPPC64. Prizes include a
Toyota Prius for the most innovative new application, and there are a large
number of Apple Power Mac G5s and cash awards available for the first
contestants to port an application from a predetermined list. Take a look
at : for more information.

The only gotcha’s are that due to time constraints for rolling out the
contest we were only able to make it available to US contestants at this
time. Also the cutoff for registering for the contest (contest actually
runs through most of the rest of the year) is Oct. 31st, so time is short.

Also, if any of your members are interested in working on a LinuxPPC64
machine (contest or not), the University of Portland is hosting a couple of
servers that are available to any Open Source developer interested in
developing or porting to LinuxPPC. They can be found at : . Once a user is registered they will receive a
ssh shell account on the development system w/in a couple of days.
Registration includes providing a Name, valid email address, and a

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Robert MacFarlan
ISV Global Solutions Enablement

IBM. Porting to LinuxPPC. Hey. PPC. Mac.

It boggles the mind.


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