Emacs for my Mom

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Do you think Emacs is something we can learn?

I think Emacs is something my parents can learn, but something they
currently don’t have reason to study. Even the PIM aspect won’t be
helpful, as my mom is really uses Outlook synchronization with mobile

Right tool for the right job, I guess. =)

People sometimes try new things for the sheer heck of it. My dad tries
different lighting techniques. My mom tries new ways of management. I
try new sites and new software (mostly related to PIMs). We do that
because we are interested in the topic and we can see the long-term
benefits either directly caused by the tool or indirectly due to
keeping our minds flexible. We serve as gateways (or gatekeepers?) for
other people who don’t have the time to explore these things.

Sometimes we’re not looking for new ways to work. Sometimes we’re just
curious about stuff. That’s cool, too. If my mom’s curious about this
software program I keep writing about, she can give it a whirl. =)
http://mindlube.com/products/emacs/index.html seems to have Emacs for
Mac OS X, although I’ve never actually tried it because I don’t have a
Mac. (Hint? ;) ) Pick “Emacs for OS X (your version here)”. Err, I
don’t know what “mount the DMG disk image” means under Mac OS X, but
it might be something you can find under the option-click (or one of
those funky buttons) menu…

Knowing my mom, hmmm… I suggest trying out Tools: Games: Tetris
first. =)

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