The largest Philippine IT organization is running a search for

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The Philippine Computer Society (largest IT organization in the Philippines)
is running a search for “Digital Pinay 2005.” They’re looking for role models for information
and communication technology. Women who exemplify the qualities
expected of future women leaders of the Philippine ICT industry. Their
application form asks for information like name, paragraph or two why
you deserve the award, IT experience, and such essential information
as height, weight, bust, waist, and hip measurements. I’ve posted the
application form at . Read it
all the way to the end. It’s hilarious. So hilarious that I cried from
fury and humiliation that this is what they think future women leaders
of ICT should have, should be. I am embarrassed that the worth of a
person is bound up in how well she can wear a business suit. I am too
furious to analyze how this objectifies woman, too close to the
problem to see how anyone could have imagined this as having any sort
of positive effect on women in IT.

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