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Supplier's Directory: Studio / Gear Rentals
lists Adphoto, Inc. =) Nice write-up.

In brief: A well-established firm that rents out studios—from modest
40 sq. meter units to a columnless 240 sq. meter studio for cars and
huge setups. They've got studios with kitchen facilities for food
photography, and studios with adjoining dressing / make-up rooms for
talent / fashion shoots. They also rent out a full-range of digital
equipment (think Hasselblads, Sinars, Fuji, and PhaseOne digital
systems) and can build sets and source props.

They also provide photography services through their pool of in-house
photography pros—John K. Chua, G-nie Arambulo, Mac Antonio, Kathy
Chua, and Ben Chan.

Note: A full-service studio that has near everything you can dream of
needing. They've also been operating for years and years. For more
info, you should look for Ms. Harvey V. Chua (that's not a typo, SHE
should be able to help you out).

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