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Raven said

Hi Sacha! UA&P usually hosts a lot of such talks, ranging from
business writing to power dressing. I'm sure they'd have seminars on
public speaking / giving presentations. I'll inform you when I
receive such a memo. ^_^

I'd like to share this as well: when I was in undergrad I was a member
of a laboratory where each of us had to deliver a seminar or two about
certain papers related to our research. I thought that that was such a
great training, since we not only get to practice public speaking on a
regular basis, we also got to watch others do it so we knew how a good
(or a bad) presentation looked like.

Amen. I still wince when I watch other people read off the slides.
Students hate it when their teachers do that, but they don't get
exposed to enough good presentations to learn how to deliver them.
Presentations in other departments are pretty good—I always looked
forward to the Comm presentation during Faculty Day—but people in the
sciences often miss out on presentation skills…

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