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I’m setting up Linux on the Sony Vaio U1 so that I can use it as well
as my Lifebook. I’ve decided to give Fedora Core 3 a try instead of
just net-booting and installing Debian like last time. Besides, I
couldn’t find my handy-dandy one-disk Debian net install image.

Fedora Core’s net-install support lags far behind Debian’s. I don’t
know if it’s even possible to start the installation process using
boot/root floppies, so you really need to either burn a CD or set up
pxelinux. Fortunately, I’d set up a DHCP and TFTP server on my
Lifebook before, so I knew it could be done.

After some trouble getting the Vaio to acquire the DHCP address and
pick up the boot files, I was relieved to see the familiar text
dialog-based installation screen. I’m currently waiting for the 71MB
stage2.img file to download. There are no progress indicators, and I’m
getting rather nervous. I can’t seem to drop to a shell to find out
how far along the installation is.

I like the Debian net install far more. Plenty of progress indicators
keep you in the loop so that you’re not worried about interrupted
network connections or sudden hangs. Come to think of it, going for
Debian instead will make it far easier for me to migrate my

Bah. So much for Fedora Core. ;)

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