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According to Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users (another must-read blog), this is what passion looks like:


I want to make Planner users more than just “satisfied and happy.” I
want them to get an “I totally rock!” experience every time they start up
their Emacs, and I want them to do that every day. How can I help Planner users become even more passionate about planning and life?

Connect Our mailing list at ( is our greatest resource. =) If you prefer to use Gmane (a mailing list->NNTP/blog gateway), check out . I plug it shamelessly in the tutorial so that newbies discover what a wonderful resource it is. I should cross-post interesting Planner-related entries to the mailing list for further discussion. I should also review the archives and help people find other people who plan the way they do.
Evangelize I love it when people find Planner so cool, they can’t wait to tell other people about it. =) Emacs is difficult to sell because it seems intimidatingly complex, but if I make the tutorials easier, Planner users will have an easier time getting their friends to understand why they really like Planner.
Spend $$ Although people don’t pay anything for Planner itself, they spend _time_ trying it out and learning how to do new things. I feel responsible to people for the time they put into it, and I want them to get as much value as possible.
Spend Time Thinking too much about planning leaves you with less time for doing things. With the Planner community regularly contributing fantastic ideas you can just copy into your planner config, you can constantly improve your planning without spending too much time tweaking the code.
Show off We get that kind of enriching discussion because we have a culture of showing off our improvements, even small ones. I love hearing stories about how people use Planner and how they fit it to their way of working.
Improve You can use Planner as a basic personal information manager, but because there’s so many features you can draw on and because you can tweak it as much as you want, Planner grows with you as you improve the way you plan.
Learn … and modifying Planner not only teaches you more about Lisp programming but also helps you reflect on how you plan!

Try out Planner today!

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