The Mapa Family Book of Virtues

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Commissioner Dondi Mapa shared a beautiful idea with us at the first
blogging summit last Saturday, 2005.05.07. The Mapa Family Book of
Virtues is a collection of anecdotes about the members of their
extended family, organized according to the people involved as well as
by the virtues the stories illustrated. Currently a private blog
updated by Dondi Mapa every so often, it has drawn comments and
contributions from close friends of the Mapas. Eventually it might
even be privately published as a book for the Mapa family and their

I’ve never seen it, but I think it’d be a wonderful idea. My family
has plenty of stories and it would be nice for other people to read
about things like my dad’s love affair with the Banaue Rice Terraces
and my mom’s forays into writing and pottery. I know _I_ would like to
read those stories.

Blogs don’t have to be temporal entries about, say, eating suman. They
can be timeless, insightful, meaningful entries, like letters we can
read through in the twilight of our lives to remember who and what we
were and appreciate even more what we’ve become.

(Must make sure that these things survive until said twilight, then. ;) Am nowhere near it right now.)

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