Breakfast: Twice-baked potatoes

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Two potatoes are _far_ too much for breakfast. I feel stuffed. I feel
more than stuffed. I feel like skipping lunch, which might not be a
bad idea considering I've got another two potatoes slated for dinner.
(It's a good thing I don't easily tire of eating the same kind of

The cause of my current not-quite-distress is something called the
twice-baked potato. I have a particular fondness for it because it
graced the breakfast tables of my childhood (clearly before the
household settled into the corned-beef-and-eggs routine). I remember
seeing the crisp, slightly browned grated cheese topping the potato
and knowing there would be more pockets of cheesy goodness beneath it.

How do you prepare twice-baked potatoes for breakfast?

Take the potatoes you microwaved last night out of the refrigerator.
Baking the potatoes the night before makes them nice and cool by the
time you need to hollow them out. Slice open the top and carefully
scoop out most of the potato using a spoon, making a small bowl. Mash
it together with cheese, salt and pepper and spoon it back into
potato. You may need to pack it in tightly if you use as much cheese
as I do. Then pop it into the microwave for another minute and a half
to make it nice and warm.

As originally prepared:

2 potatoes 0.46
A bit of cheese 0.41
Total: 0.87

Again, two potatoes are far too much. Heck, I started feeling full
halfway through the first potato. By the time I finished it, I was
wondering if I could put it back into the refrigerator. To err on the
safe side, though, I decided to finish it all up. That explains why
I'm currently… quite… full…

Next time:

1 potato 0.23
A bit of cheese 0.20
Total: 0.43
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