Changing patterns of computing

I managed to leave my laptop at home today! =) That forced me to be
productive all day. See how many papers I finished!
I also worked on setting up a blog on lingon, a Windows NT server in the lab, but I botched when I restarted the computer remotely and didn't make sure I could get back in. Apparently, the remote login service doesn't automatically start after the computer finishes booting. The computer in question is physically located near my cubicle, but—alack!—the door is locked and I still don't have access. Oh well, there's next week.

Well, at least I sorted out my office productivity thing… =)

Now that I have Internet access at home, I can play around with my
social schedule a bit. Main catching-up-with-everyone time is
Saturday, 8 – 10 AM my time (8 – 10 PM in the Philippines). My
username on Skype is sachachua , and it's
easy to set up voice chats with several people. Fun!

Tomorrow, I'll be online from 8 – 9 AM. I'm planning to go to the
Ontario Science Centre. Whee! Fun! =) I'll be sure to write about it.
Then I'll prepare my first Toastmasters speech and work on my On
Campus article. I'll probably grab my laptop and head to the
park… =)

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