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I wasn't sure whether I should go for a teaching assistantship. New
campus. New university culture. New subjects I'd never taken before.
Heck, if teaching CS123: Introduction to Software Engineering was
enough of a harrowing experience (I profusely apologize to the
students who had to suffer through that!), how would I handle teaching
here? I felt that I needed a year to immerse myself in the environment
and learn more about the subjects before even considering a teaching

By the time one of my friends told me to just Go Ahead and Apply for
It, the deadline had long passed. I e-mailed Brenda Fung telling her
that I was interested, anyway.

Good thing I did. I just got e-mail from her asking me to get in touch
with one of the professors in order to discuss my teaching
qualifications. And good thing my previous classes gave me plenty of
comments on my TeachingEvaluations, too (although most of them were
about candy)…

Teaching. I miss asking and answering questions. I miss racking my
brain for examples and analogies. I miss seeing that aha! moment. I
miss teaching. I miss waiting for people who never come during
consultation hours. Sheesh, I even miss checking papers. I've got this
awesome collection of gel pens now, which is good because I prefer to
check in green, purple or some other non-red color.

I think teaching will certainly make the year fun.

I should read phdcomics again…

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