Way too much exercise

| emacs, writing

I got out of bed at 8 this morning and walked all the way down to Lake
Ontario. Two hours of leisurely walking punctuated by oranges bought
at a nearby market made an excellent start to my day, and I was
satisfied by the fact that I'd (gasp!) managed to get myself out of
bed on a Saturday morning to exercise.

Of course, I knew that was just another form of procrastination. I do
very odd things in order to procrastinate writing articles. I even
managed to vacuum and mop the kitchen floor while “taking a break from

But I managed to finish the article today! I started out by drafting
it as a letter to a student who had asked me for advice a few months
back, and then I edited it to make the letter more general. I can't
post the article on my blog yet, but those of you who watch my
del.icio.us bookmarks may have an idea
of what October's column for the On Campus magazine will be like. =)

I decided to reward myself by releasing another version of Planner, the personal inforation manager I maintain.
(Yes, my reward system is all screwed up.) I merged more than 70
changes from the development tree into the stable tree and released a
new version available at http://sacha.free.net.ph/notebook/emacs/sacha.tar.gz and all the usual places. I haven't put it up on plannerlove yet, but I'll be working on that next weekend.

Then I decided to walk to Goodwill. I ran into Tarun on the way out, and he decided to come along. We walked all the way to Sherbourne Street (a good 40 minutes' walk) only to find out that Goodwill closed earlier than I thought. It was fun chatting with him about the MBA program, though, so the extra exercise wasn't too bad.

All in all, a good day. I feel marginally fitter, but that might just be delusion. ;)

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