Planner for Eclipse?

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One of the things I really love about Planner is that
my blogging and task tracking tool is built into my working
environment. A task or note is never more than a keystroke away.

When Stephen asked me if there was a blogging plugin for Eclipse, I
thought: hey, there should be one. Why hasn't something like Planner
been written for Eclipse yet? It's insanely useful. A search for
“blog” on the Eclipse plugin page turns up nothing promising.

Right after Stephen asked me about blogging plugins, Alvin remarked
that it was too much trouble to switch to a separate application for
blogging. _Exactly_ why I like Planner so much.

And exactly why a pluggable and hackable wikiblog like Planner would
be perfect for Eclipse.

I wonder if we're on to something here. Building blogging and wiki
tools into a development environment allows the blog/wiki engine to
take advantage of rich metadata. We can make it easy for people to
keep project blogs and personal knowledgebases. This would be Good

And—more challenging—we can go beyond the line-number hyperlinking
done by Planner. We can take advantage of Eclipse's semantic parsing
to attach entries to pieces of code that might be refactored. How
would that work? I don't know how to do that yet.

What do we get? A developer's notebook. This is good stuff. Time to
find out if it's masters-level good stuff…

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