Learning Bisaya

Are there comprehensive Bisaya references with example sentences,
aside from http://www.bohol.ph/books/Jimenez/EnglishBisayaGrammar.html

I'd like to learn Bisaya, but I'm worried I might end up with archaic
forms… <grin>

Have you the bread? Na-a ba canimo ang pan?
Yes, sir, I have the bread Oo, ania canaco ang pan.
Have you your bread? Na-a ba canimo ang imong pan?
I have my bread. Ania canaco ang acong pan.
Have you the salt? Na-a ba canimo ang asin?
I have the salt Ania canaco ang asin.
Have you my salt? Na-a ba canimo ang acong asin?
I have your salt. Ania canaco ang imong asin.
Have you the soap? Na-a ba canimo ang sabon?
I have the soap. Ania canaco ang sabon.
Which (onsa nga) soap have you? Onsa nga sabon ang ana-a canimo?
I have your soap Ania canaco ang imong sabon.
Which shirt have you? Onsa nga sinina ang ana-a canimo?
I have my shirt Ania canaco ang acong sinina.
Have you much money? Daghan ba ang imong salapi?
I have much money Daghan man ang acong salapi.
Where is your sister? Hain ba ang imong igso-on na babae?
She is at the garden (tanaman sa mga bulac) Tua didto sa tanaman sa mga bulac.
Where is your father? Hain ba ang imong amahan?
He is here. Ania dinhi.

Although if I stick with the guide, I'll be able to say things like
“Daco man ang castigo nga ipahamtang canimo sa infierno.”

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