Things every geek should know

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Whenever I meet geeks for the first time, I tend to run through a list
of tools I think they should try out. Here's a partial list:

  • *Blogs*: Not just for writing about what you had for lunch. Blogs

    are great for personal knowledge management (keep your own
    learning notebook). Run your own with WordPress or host it on, Blogger, or Schtuff.

  • *Blog aggregator*: An absolute must if you read many blogs. I like Bloglines because of
  • *Wikis*: Excellent for quick notes and websites, particularly
    when people need to collaborate. Make one on Schtuff or
    set up your own with Pmwiki or Mediawiki.
  • *Social bookmarking*: Not only is tagging a great way to organize your personal bookmarks, but
    you can discover interesting sites and people through social bookmarking. Most of the early adopters seem to be on, but I think Myweb 2.0 is more promising because it has better search. CiteULike is great for academics.

I've got more lists around here. For example, I go through a different set when talking to a Web 2.0 person…

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