CookOrDie: Minestrone

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Level up!

Steve helped me prepare minestrone today, and I'm reasonably happy
with it. =) See, I picked up the Good Food Box I ordered two weeks
ago, and it had _way_ more stuff than I expected. It's a good deal.
Almost too good a deal, considering my limited fridge space and the
fact that I'm still not used to eating celery, lettuce, and broccoli
in large quantities. And I still had carrots and onions from a
previous shopping trip!

So we prepared minestrone, using up some of the potatoes and onions
and carrots. =) I have around six portions in my freezer.

I think I'll stick with the Good Food Box. The box comes every two
weeks and I'm supposed to figure out how to make it stretch that long.
I think I'll split the next box with Steve or whoever else wants to
halve it. That way, I get the convenience of fresh fruits and
vegetables and the challenge of new stuff.

I still have to turn the rest of the vegetables into cream of * soup.
Cream of celery, cream of broccoli, cream of mushroom (again,
previously bought), cream of…


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