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I wore a kimona and patadyong today. (Sorry, no pictures!) It's one of
the traditional costumes of the Philippines. Hardly anyone wears it
these days, but I think it's too pretty to be relegated to formal

I wanted a balintawak, too, but I couldn't find any inexpensive ones.
I guess it's the kind of thing that needs a seamstress. =) Maybe I'll
have one made when I go back. Or maybe I'll have several. White?
Black? Red? Printed? While I have no imeldific aspirations, I
would like to be able to wear native things more often. It's a way of
connecting back to home…

I've also figured out how to wear a malong as a skirt. Along the way,
I had an aha! moment. I finally understood the pleating instructions
for the sari my mom bought me a long time ago, as I found myself
pleating the malong and tucking it in the same way.

I still have no idea what else I can do with the malong. Sleeping bag?
Check. Blanket? Check. Shawl? Check. But I know it can be worn as a
decent-looking dress. I just have no idea how to do it without looking
like I'm walking around wearing a blanket. Would anyone have
step-by-step instructions for, say, the malong-malong dance?

I love dressing up in costume. It's a way for me to connect to home… =)

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